Emily Fens

Image courtesy of Daniela Galindo.


Emily Fens (b. 1993; Houston, TX) received her formal training from Glassell School of Art and holds a BS in Neuroscience from University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). She has exhibited across the nation. Recent projects include Brainbloom at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston (for Music on the Plaza featuring Emily Fens, 2019) and Brain on Grass at Lawndale (for Welcome to the Vortex, 2018). She is currently based in Houston.

CV upon request.


Emily Fens restructures and reimagines neurobiological scale—from the microscopic to the macroscopic—to create polychromatic, fantastical worlds that dissolve the boundary between internal and external realities.

For frequent updates of her work and a deeper look at her artistic process, follow Fens on instagram.com/emilyfens.